• I was previously using Flixel 4.2, lime 2.9.1 and openfl 3.6.1 to build on Android. I was overriding the default AndroidManifest.xml file using my own custom templates folder as described here: Everything worked great, my AndroidManifest's min sdk version was 9 and my target was 26.

    But now after upgrading to Flixel 4.4, lime 6.3.1, and openfl 8.1.1 I'm having trouble building on Android. I got all my extensions to work but now for some reason my AndroidManifest.xml keeps getting replaced by an auto-generated one I believe gradle is making. My old version was using Ant I believe so Gradle is completely new to me.

    Does anyone know how and where to edit Gradle? Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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    With this type of question you might have better luck in the OpenFL forums, because it doesn't have anything to do with Flixel specifically (should be the same for all Lime / OpenFL projects).

  • Thanks I'll try that. I just reverted back to my previous setup in the meantime.

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