Slow frame rate on OSX

  • Hi everyone,

    I went through the setup process for Haxe and Haxeflixel.
    It seems that when I run the build from VS Code the frame rate is below 10fps. This is for all the demo's I have tested so far.

    I'm using Flixel 4.4.1. Has anyone experienced this or anything similar?

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    @fried said in Slow frame rate on OSX:

    when I run the build from VS Code the frame rate is below 10fps.

    Are you implying that the FPS is different when building from the command line / outside of VSCode, or..?

  • @gama11 Thanks for the reply.

    I've been going through the docs and followed the VS Code guide. This is what has led me to my initial findings.

    After reading your post - I have built some of the demos from the command line and the neko target seems to be the issue.

    For the Particle and ProjectJumper specifically, they run very slowly on neko, but HTML5 seems fine.

    I'm just starting out with Haxe so, this is all still pretty fresh.

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    Okay, I see. The Neko target is unfortunately expected to be somewhat slow with OpenFL 8. You can read more about it in the 4.4.0 release blog post:

    This normally isn't a big issue, as nobody uses Neko for releases anyway (that's what the CPP target is really good at because of the great performance). You might want to use HTML5 as the target for testing / with quick compilation times.

  • @gama11 Thank you so much, this really helped me in the right direction.

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