Problems setting up the environment to compile to Windows

  • I was trying to compile for Windows:
    I installed VBCommunity, Code, whatever (and rebooted), but I didn't succeed.
    What is the correct process to set up the system to compile a Windows application in Haxe/FlashDevelop? I don't need any additional editor now, even if the one in VBCode looks cool.

    In the old XXXDevelop IDEs it was straightforward, now it seems to be a bit confusing...

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    @gig said in Problems setting up the environment to compile to Windows:

    but I didn't succeed.

    That's .. quite vague. :D What exactly was the problem / what have you tried? Did you get an error during compilation? What library versions do you have?

  • I installed Visual Studio 2010 Express and now it compiles. I wonder what the problem is with the latest VS version...

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