FlxTypedGroup<FlxTypedGroup<T>> updates the elements but doesn't render them on Windows

  • Hello!

    So, I have a FlxTypedGroup object which can contain several FlxTypedGroup for FlxSprite (bullets). For short, the type of the object is FlxTypedGroup<FlxTypedGroup<Bullet>>.
    (Note: In my game, the typedef of FlxTypedGroup<Bullet> is BulletPool, inspired by this tutorial.)

    I made this because I want to create several FlxTypedGroup<Bullet> in a FlxSprite object and add them directly into the game state. As shown below:


    public var boss:Boss;
    public var eneBullets:FlxTypedGroup<FlxTypedGroup<Bullet>>;
    public function create(){
    ... //create boss
     eneBullets = boss.allBullets;


    public var allBullets:FlxTypedGroup<FlxTypedGroup<Bullet>>;
    public static function createWeapon(_i:Int){
     var pool = new FlxTypedGroup<Bullet>(_i);

    It's working fine in the Neko and HTML5 target. But in the Windows target (c++), the bullets are updated, but not rendered... I know this is a problem with the FlxTypedGroup<FlxTypedGroup<T>> thing because I have a FlxTypedGroup<Bullet> object in the game state and it has no problem.

    So I want to know if it's a known problem, and if there a better alternative to "a group inside a group" that could work...

    Thank you!

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