Will some one please give me an answer!!!???

  • @ttt

    i saw visual c++ but i didn't see c++ win32

    I think that should do it. Like I said, I missed that step.

    In case you, or anyone else didn't install C++ while installing Visual Studio, like me, you can install it after the fact.

    This link is where I found how to install C++ after the fact. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31953769/visual-studio-doesnt-have-cl-exe

    I used this method from the comments of the chosen answer on that thread.

    "if Visual Studio is already installed, choose File | New | Project | C++ and you will be prompted to install the necessary components." – jodis

    But you can also do this I reckon.

    You don't need to re-download the installer for Visual Studio: just go to Add or remove programs -> Visual studio community 2015 -> modify. From there, I clicked languages, Visual C++. Added cl.exe! – user2831602

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