Rendering smooth arcs

  • here is the current situation . I am working on a top-down car game. and I wanted to implement skid marks .. similar skid to the ones found in absolute drift

    here is some of the approaches I can think of and their pros and cons :

    1- use short FlxSprites to form the skid marks and continuously draw them while the car is moving.
    pros : easy to implement, and you can easily delete sprites after a certain amount of time.
    cons : looks ragged and unrealistic. it also doesn't seems memory-efficient at all.

    2- make a level-size FlxSprite and stamp short skid-marks in it
    pros : fairly easy to implement and much more efficient.
    cons : you lose control over individual sprites so they can't fade after a while, also it still doesn't look smooth.

    3- make a level-size FlxSprite and draw curves on it using the drawCurve() function
    pros : should look a lot better than previous solutions .
    cons : I have no idea how to set the control point to formulate the curve, also I still have no control over individual pieces so I can't make it fade after a while .

    so my question is whether there are better solution to draw skid marks other than those mentioned above or how to overcome the deficiencies for any of the solutions mentioned above.

  • I guess your best bed would be using trail effect. We've got some trail addons but only FlxTrailArea has a demo.

  • yeah I think too FlxTrail will help you out.

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