Blurry lines when using FlxSpriteUtil::drawLine

  • Recently I updated my version of HaxeFlixel along with several related dependencies. After the update I have noticed the lines I'm drawing through FlxSpriteUtil::drawLine are now blurry on the Windows, Mac and HTML variants of my game. The lines still appear sharp in the Flash variant.

    I've adjusted the line style properties I'm using and stage quality but nothing has resolved the issue.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Intended Result (Currently Flash Version)
    alt text

    Current Result
    alt text

  • I've managed to devise a workaround for this problem. It involves loading a 1x1 pixel FlxSprite, resizing it that based on the line dimensions and then stamping in on to graphic.

    Based on this post here, there may be a performance increase on mobile in using this approach.

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