Passing second texture to GLSL shader

  • I'm jumping into some shader dev in HaxeFlixel and one thing I want to do is a multiplication filter.

    Right now I have this shader code:

    #pragma header
    uniform sampler2D tex;
    void main()
    	vec4 source= flixel_texture2D(tex, openfl_TextureCoordv);
    	vec4 other= texture2D(tex, openfl_TextureCoordv);
    	gl_FragColor = vec4(source.r * other.r, source.g * other.g, source.b * other.b, source.a);

    And am using the shader this way:

    	var mul = new MultiplyShader();
    	var si = new ShaderInput<BitmapData>();
    	var fs = new FlxSprite(0,0, "assets/images/quads.png");
    	si.input = fs.pixels.clone();
    	mul.tex = si;[new ShaderFilter(cast inv)]);

    Testing other things (like mapping the openfl_TextureCoordv to r/g) works, but I can't access anything from the passed in texture.

  • Seems my problem is partially a little bug with the current release version of OpenFL:

    Using the GIT develop version allows it to work on flixel sprites.
    But, I can't get a shader that samples a second texture to work in the FlxCamera's shaders.

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