Android performance with Haxeflixel 4.4.0

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    @rafadelahoz You could try disabling particular "features" (text rendering, large sprites, etc) to try and isolate what exactly is making it slow. Not aware of anything in particular that would be slower with new OpenFL 8 right now.

  • I'll try and do that. I will report if I find something interesting.

    Thanks for your answers!

  • Hi rafadelahoz on what version of Android and android device do you test the game?
    I have the same problems basically.
    flixel 4.4.2
    openfl 8.3.0
    lime 6.4.0

    the game lags very badly basically unplayable.
    When it freezes there are no traces from the update function.

    Tested on Android 4.2.2, device with 2GB ram.

    The same game build with
    flixel 4.3.0
    openfl 3.6.1
    lime 2.9.1

    on the same device works flawlessly.

  • Hi @Netforza,

    I tested on a wide range of devices, from android 4 to 8 and low to mid-high hardware specs.

    I got the same results, specially very low framerate when compared to builds with the older tools. I got no actual crash or frozen status.

    Trying to find problematic elements by disabling things and features isolatedly yielded no results.

    I have returned to the flixel 4.3 environment, but it seems Google Play will not accept android-19 builds from August. Nice situation!

    I'll keep investigating (after the game is published!)

  • I'm not sure if this is a possible reason, but I noticed with cpp builds when running full screen I get lag, too. This is with latest libs.

    Just a hunch here, but maybe it's something to do with the full screen implementation??

    For simple games with simple collision, I was able to set fps to 30 for reasonable game play. For my bigger game with lots of collision action, it's not able to handle the collisions without missing sometimes.

    I hope someone can figure this out. I wish I knew more so I could.

  • I noticed the same lag today with a windows build.

    Strangely, HTML5 build works better.

    alt text

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    @agustín-pérez-fernández Could you try to disable vsync in your Project.xml?

  • @Gama11 @Agustín-Pérez-Fernández

    For windows build I only notice lag when full screen. For full screen vsync="false" does help, but I notice artifacts in my game. I think my laptop with onboard video is part of the problem. I also notice that moving the game to my other monitor, connected via HDMI, it's worse. Another thing I tried that helped was to set FlxG.drawFrameRate = 40 but the movement is a bit choppy.

    Still, Android is terribly laggy even if I set drawFrameRate to 30, unless it's a very basic game.

  • I’m getting a similar drop in FPS on iOS after upgrading.

    I’ll try profiling in Xcode and see if that turns up anything obvious.

  • I'm also getting slowdowns when building with 4.4.0 for iOS targets.
    In my case it's not as bad as it's on Android: slowdowns happen randomly and last for a couple of seconds.
    It happens on real HW and the simulator.

  • I'm having the same performance issue with the latest versions: haxelib list
    firetongue: [git]
    flixel-addons: [2.7.1]
    flixel-tools: [1.4.2]
    flixel-ui: [2.3.1]
    flixel: [4.5.1]
    hscript: [2.3.0]
    hxcpp: [4.0.4]
    lime: [7.1.1]
    openfl: [8.6.4]
    systools: [1.1.0]

    Everything is ok if I downgrade...

    I also checked that has the same performance issue.


  • I have same problem since haxeflixel 4.4.0... on windows build my game fps is 55-60. But on android it drops 30-35.
    Everything is ok when i downgrade to
    flixel 4.3.0
    openfl 3.6.1
    lime 2.9.1

    Does anybody know, what is solution?

  • @netforza Have you any solution about this case?

  • Same issue with the latest versions: haxelib list

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