I am desperate for an answer!!!!

  • Hi there, can you please show me or direct me to a tutorial on how to make my player shoot bullets from three different angles (0,90,180). I have tried to do this my self but it on shot at 180 degree. Please help.

  • You need to get the angle of direction, so if you have the start x/y you can add -1, 0 or 1 to get the dx/dy (direction) you want it to go. To go UP, dx is the same as x, dy is y - 1. That's the point straight up from starting point.

    something like this.

    public function shoot(x:Int, y:Int, direction:String, speed:Int):Void
    	var dx = x;
    	var dy = y;
    		case "left":
    			dx += -1;
    			dy +=  0;
    		case "up":
    			dx +=  0;
    			dy += -1;
    		case "right":
    			dx +=  1;
    			dy +=  0;
    	var rangle = radianAngle(x, y, dx, dy);
    	velocity.set(Math.cos(rangle) * speed, Math.sin(rangle) * speed);		
    private function radianAngle(x1:Float, y1:Float, x2:Float, y2:Float):Float
    	return Math.atan2(y2 - y1, x2 - x1);

    This is just to give you the math needed for the getting the angle. You should change the code to work with your code.

  • Haxeflixel has a lot of really nice helper functions for things like this.

    import flixel.math.FlxVelocity;
    var angle = 90;
    var speed = 1500;
    bullet.velocity = FlxVelocity.velocityFromAngle(angle, 1500);

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