Struggling Framerate on Basic Html5 Game

  • I'm getting shitty framerates in a pretty simple game, I'm porting my old flash Flappy Bird clone to Haxe just to test some tools. IE: 320x512px (at 2x scale) game with a scrolling tilemap and 1 flx sprite

    Flash stats:

    Html5 stats:

    What confuses me, is that html5 appears to have a significantly faster update and draw time, yet the FPS is never above 25. I tried -Dwebgl, any other advice?

    Using latest chrome
    flixel: 4.3.0 [git]
    lime: 2.9.1 [6.4.0] git
    openfl: 3.6.1 [8.3.0] git

  • Apparently if I set the framerate to 60, it runs at 60 on html, for some reason. I consider this a solution, but it raises more questions...

  • @geokureli

    If you must use old lime/openfl try building with lime test html5 -Dwebgl but there are a few things that won't be correct. Colors are tinted wrong, red is blue, etc. Slice9 doesn't work, stamp needs a workaround.

    Have you tried HF 4.4 with openfl 8?

  • sorry, I didn't notice that you tried -Dwebgl

  • this is apparently a newly discovered lime issue, with a fix underway. Will post info when I get it

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