Porting our popular Flash game, Animal Crackers!

  • Opening screen of Animal Crackers

    A long time ago in 2013, I tried and failed at a one week game jam. The theme was party, and I envisioned a game where you pick up items and find guests for a birthday party... for the President. A political birthday party, full of puns and cute humor. I named it Animal Crackers and started it in Flixel and AS3, the only gamedev experience I had, and failed to finish due to school taking all my time.

    Three years later I found the repo fully preserved and decided to finish where I left off. I uploaded the game to itch and went to bed. The next day I woke up to find the game featured on the front page with heaps of ratings, praise, and even donations! Unfortunately in the past I was too afraid to enable comments, using old timer logic that the comment section is always cruel.

    It has been three years since then and Flash is all but dead, and now many cannot enjoy the game I worked on, the game that really kickstarted my wild journey into gamedev.

    Enter HaxeFlixel.

    Specimen 3HG descend in Animal Crackers

    It wasn't an easy journey, as as3hx is far from the most ideal tool around, but after weeks of clearing conversion errors (mainly due to casting) and a few more days of fixing runtime issues (mostly from text output) I am very pleased to announce that the project is on track and ready for the HTML5 release!

    As part of my ritual "Let's hype this up" phase, I'm posting about the game here! Animal Crackers is a casual exploration game where you play as Mousey, one of the few independents of the Animal Congress. The others are too embroiled in party politics to properly plan the President's birthday party, so it is up to you to put on the best party ever. Your goal is to talk to animals to discover the President's interests and collect items as appropriate. You need 8 different categories of items total, from food to drinks to games and more. There are a total of 4 endings to uncover based on the items you collect!

    Animal Crackers

    The HTML5 port comes out on September 1, just 5 days away! Thanks for reading~ ☆

  • I saw these over HaxeFlixel's Discord and they look amazing. Happy to see other great developers are jumping in and using HaxeFlixel as his method of porting. Congrats on your upcoming HTML5 version!

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