Animal Crackers, from Flash to HTML5!

  • Animal Crackers

    At long last, Animal Crackers has been ported from Flash to HTML5!

    Back in late 2013, a game jam was hosted by Game Jolt, the theme of which was Party. We quickly thought of a cute concept to merge Political Parties with Birthday Parties. The animal theme was added secondary to maximize the adorable factor. The game was developed for Flash using Flixel.

    In 2015, we rediscovered our source code and repository. To our amazement, everything was still functional, and the code, though old, was still maintainable. We quietly finished development and released the game three years ago to great fanfare. It was curated to the front page of, received multiple LPs, and somehow gained traction on Chinese video streaming sites.

    Unfortunately, it was Flash. Many users had problems running the game, even then, and time has not been kind. And thus, HaxeFlixel to the rescue!


    Using as3hx and a whole lot of sed, we managed to go through all the differences between Flash Flixel and HaxeFlixel, from changes in API to new ways to import assets, to differences in font rendering, and more. It wasn't easy, as the initial conversion was full of compiler errors, which then were cleared to make room for runtime errors, which then were cleared to make room for performance differences... you get the picture.

    Yet after all the trouble, after announcing that the port would happen way back in January... we finally are here.

    Animal Crackers came out September 2015. It is September 2018. Welcome back, old friend, and thank you for playing.

    Animal Crackers is available for free on our

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