Tutorial Hello World, black screen

  • Hello people

    I'm following steps in the first tutorial and I have some issues when I compile the app.

    I'm on windows and using visual studio code.

    When I compile, a new window appear with "hello world" in as expected. But after the first try, when I re-build ( to test with different font size for example) , I get a black screen, whitout enven the HaxeFlixel logo.

    If I open the cmd terminal, and do

    lime test neko

    it's working

    why it's not working in visual studio

  • hi @unrealcloud
    I had a similar problem with a black screen and no logo. the error happened because the FlxText code was in Main.hx. main is the file used to create the application such as its window size, zoom, logo and I was using that file for FlxText code.

  • Actually I figure out something.

    I have to make sure the ask is ended, so I go to "Task"->"Terminate Task" and then I can rebuild and re-start my apps, and it's working

  • just to let others know that might have a similar problem, the error I had was made using flash develop.

  • In fact it stil doesn't work.
    Somehow, I can still be in the same situation, when build task doesn't work. Even if I change the target neko, html5, window ... when I'm in , always black screen

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