Something strange is happening compiling HelloWorld tutorial

  • Hi. I hope someone can help me. I've been struggling with something weird trying to compile the HelloWorld tutorial.
    First of all, I create the project:

    VSCode opens the project and this error appears:

    And when I click "Show Error" this is what appears:

    I tried restarting the language server.

    But the error still occurs. Despite this, the completion still works.

    So I try to build, using Ctrl + Shift + B.

    And oh my god, this wasn't even what was happening the first three times I tried this, but now this is what pops out:

    But okay, after that I tried restarting the language server and it seems it helped, but, my initial problem was this:

    Usually the first time I try to debug with Neko works fine, the Hello World appears. But if I change the target for any other one (like Flash or Windows), and then go back to Neko that's what happens, and the VSCode says that it's still building:

    Even though the black window's there and the application cursor doesn't even appear.
    But if I go out and try to test it from the cmd it does work!

    So, I don't know, what's going on? How can I fix the build?

    I tried making a new project, again, and built it succesfully:

    But, let's try changing the target build to Html5:
    The cache error appears again.

    When I compile the Html5, the app deploys normally into the web browser.
    BUT! If I go back and change the target to Neko, the black window is what I get now. Even If I restart VSCODE. It's like the project it's trapped like that now. Even If I restart the language server. In "output" I get this:

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    The ApplicationMain not found error happens when you haven't built for the selected target yet (see As the warning says, it doesn't meant that completion won't work, just that it will be slower than it could be.

    I think the black screen when building through VSCode and the "invalid field access" error were since fixed in Lime by this commit. However, it hasn't made it into a release yet. So to avoid that, you could either downgrade to the previous Lime / OpenFL versions or update to a dev version of Lime. Adding this to your settings.json should work as a workaround as well:

    "haxe.enableCompilationServer": false

  • Hi Gama11.~ Thank you for answering. Modifying the settings.json makes it work.
    As it could be annoying to modify the file for every project, I tried downgrading Lime and OpenFl.


    And it seems it's working! I picked the 8.3.0 version for OpenFl and the 6.4.0 for Lime as those were the most downloaded versions for each one:

    Thank you so much.

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