How to know if a body is "standing" on the ground in Nape?

  • Don't know if someone here's used to Nape.
    I'm just getting to Nape so I'm trying to make something like this: I have a body controlled by the player and a planet pulling the body down with its Also.
    I don't know if there's something similar to FlxObject::touching to enable the player to control the body when it's on the ground. Also the body could be rolling, twisting, doing some backflips :P so this may be hard.
    There's a pretty long manual for Nape which I'm gonna read when I have time. Maybe the answer is in there.

  • After reading the manual, the first solution I could came up with is: add a feet and a standing flag and use a InteractionListener which flips the flash at the BEGIN and END of collision with the 'feet'.

  • I think your answer is the best way to do it in the napeway .
    if that didn't work i would recommend using the FlxSprite for checking if you are using the FlxNapeSprite

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