Best way to make game with vectors / shapes

  • My next game will be using "vector graphics", so basically I will just use lines/shapes instead of bitmap graphics.

    I realize that HaxeFlixel is probably not the most well-suited framework for this, but since I have been using flixel for years now, I would prefer to not have to learn a whole other engine, if possible.

    So I've been testing the shape functions in HaxeFlixel, and here are the problems I've encountered:

    • Since the shapes are drawn to a bitmap, I can't zoom in as much as I want without making the shapes pixelized. This is problematic since I would like to zoom the game in/out by a factor of about 4x.
    • When I zoom out, since the shapes are actually bitmaps, the anti-aliasing is not great. It might be acceptable, but it's noticeably worse than when viewing at 100%.
    • It would also be a nice feature to be able to maintain the thickness of the lines independently of the zoom.

    I've noticed that when using shapes directly from OpenFL, I can scale the shapes and they are always smooth. But then I lose all the nice HaxeFlixel features such as camera zoom, and the performance is probably worse (although I still need to test this).

    This is a desktop game with cpp target, so hardware rendering is preferred.

    Is there a better way to do this that I'm missing? Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks.

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