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  • For A Few Dogs More

    I took part in a game jam recently, in which I used HaxeFlixel. The theme of the jam was "the wild west", so I made For A Few Dogs More, a game where you play as two dogs (a wolf and a prairie dog) riding from town to town, shooting critters and jumping over obstacles. The wolf and dog are controlled separately, a la the Mario and Luigi games, so you can play with a friend (both on keyboard, or one on gamepad one on keyboard), or solo, which can be challenging.

    Bear in mind, this game was made for a two day jam, so there are a lot of things I wanted to add that I didn't get around to yet (such as support for two controllers).

  • Wow! Congrats!

    Nice font for the Title and Game Over. The Sprites for the dogs are quite nice too.
    I don't know what kind of Mario and Luigi games you talk about, so this is quite a new gameplay to me. I really liked it.
    Managed to complete alone on my keyboard.


  • I'm referring to the handheld RPG series, where you play as both at the same time, and they each have individual jump/action buttons. I suppose there's a bit of a Mario/Yoshi from Super Mario World dynamic to it, too.

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