can't use flixel command

  • hey
    i'm just going through „getting started“ articles and stucked at the very beginning: i installed haxe, lime, openfl and flixel-tools, but when i tried to create a new haxeflixel project, terminal said that „flixel: command not found“.
    what should i do?
    0_1543359689283_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 01.56.08.png

  • Try haxelib install flixel and then try creating a new project.

  • Instead of chrpsh$ flixel -tpl n "Hello World" try

    chrpsh$ flixel tpl -n "Hello World"

  • try:
    haxelib install flixel-tools
    haxelib run flixel-tools setup

  • @commando
    $ haxelib install flixel
    You already have flixel version 4.6.3 installed

    $ flixel
    bash: flixel: command not found

    $ haxelib run flixel-tools setup

    Do you want to setup the flixel command alias? [y/n]?

    Choose your default IDE:

    [0] Sublime Text
    [1] FlashDevelop
    [2] IntelliJ IDEA
    [3] Visual Studio Code
    [4] None


    Do you want to automatically open the created templates and demos with Visual Studio Code? [y/n]?

    Your current settings:

    Default Editor : Visual Studio Code
    Auto open with IDE : true

    flixel-tools setup completed.
    Try the 'flixel' command to test it! :)

    $ flixel
    bash: flixel: command not found

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