Peasant Knight - Two-button puzzle-platformer with bite-sized levels

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    Peasant Knight is a puzzle-platformer. With a twist. You're relentlessly dashing into the face of danger, namely traps like suddenly erupting flame pits. You can only go forward! Or stop.

    The game has a lot of twitch action, but I want most of the thrill to come from solving the levels. Each level is like a complex machine of traps where you need to find the fastest path that also keeps you in one piece.

    Check it out on or on consoles/Steam!

    The Windows build currently on Steam and itch was developed with HaxeFlixel. I plan to make Mac and Linux builds soon, as well as Android and iOS sometime down the road. All with HaxeFlixel.

    Ratalaika Games ported the game to consoles, sadly not using HF but with their in-house C++ port of our favorite engine.

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