Is Flixel devscene healthy?

  • Weeell,
    is it Flixel still in active development? I have downloaded a few updates in the past months, but... how many people are developing on it?

  • I would like to know this too. I am thinking of working on a big project with HaxeFlixel, but I worry if it will bring problems in the future if it becomes outdated...

  • Currently I think they are all on holidays ;)

  • So are holidays still? )
    I look at Flixel as the main technology for a new bucket of html5 games for my client. I think that is the very good technology for game dev. But I also scared that this project stops growing.
    I see that within the last several months HaxeFlixel Github repository has only several small commits. Blog not active over the year.
    So anyone knows plans of maintainers?

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