Display japanese font on Android target

  • Hi, I made a game using HaxeFlixel some years ago, where a few japanese characters were displayed on the screen. It was working for both Flash and Android targets, and it was as simple as:

    var txt:FlxText = new FlxText(0, 50, FlxG.width);
    txt.setFormat(AssetPaths.EPSON_GYOSHO_lite__ttf, 25, 0xff000000, "center");
    txt.text = "連珠";

    I dug up the source code a few days ago to give it a fresh, so I installed the latest versions of haxe/flixel/etc... And now the japanese fonts only shows up on Flash target. I already tried a few things using UnicodeString without results. And the help page https://haxe.org/manual/std-UnicodeString.html is down.

    What should I do in order to display my characters on Android?
    Thanks for our help.

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