Space key works for input on Neko build but not HTML5 build [SOLVED]

  • Hello, I am currently building a web application that takes user input for certain portions (writing full name etc) and I am trying to figure out why the input textfields work fine on my neko build (inputted text "Full Name" would be inputted into textfield - both openfl and haxeflixel type - as "Full Name") but on my HTML5 build, it doesn't seem to be accepting the space key as input: "Full Name" input on textfield - both openfl and haxeflixel type - will ignore the space and both show and save the input as "FullName".

    I have searched this forum as well as google for this issue and found nothing, although that may be due to incorrect searching on my part. If anybody can help me with this conundrum I would be very grateful. Thank you!

    All I needed to do was
    FlxG.keys.preventDefaultKeys = [];
    To make the space key as well as arrow keys work for textboxes in the HTML build.

  • I know this is old, but I was wrestling with this issue for months. This solved it, finally.

    However I'm not sure what makes this line of code necessary, that is whether it was an internal OpenFL issue or if it was an issue with my code.

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