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  • I'm trying to find where my save game data is being saved.

    A forum post said it was; C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\HaxeFlixel but that is not the case, either for me or anymore.

    Does anyone know where the default save location is for Windows? How is the default location decided upon between platforms?


  • @3dmasons


    Company = company and GameTitle = title as specified in project.xml.

    <meta title="GameTitle" package="com.yourdomain.GameTitle" version="1.0.0" company="Company" />
    <app title="GameTitle" file="GameTitle" main="Main" version="1.0.0" company="Company" />

  • Thanks for responding.

    Mine is defined as:

    <app title="HelloWorld" file="HelloWorld" main="Main" version="0.0.1" company="HaxeFlixel" />

    However, C:\Users\x\AppData\Roaming\HaxeFlixel doesn't exist. My hidden files are visible and I've tried going directly to the path in explorer. I've even tried searching for "HaxeFlixel" or "HelloWorld" and it came up with nothing.

    I've also uploaded the exported version to my server. It's saving data correctly, giving a different save between my computer and mobile, and I have no idea where it's saving on my server.

    I am very confused, lol.

  • @3dmasons

    Which target? I assumed you were targeting cpp, since you said for Windows, but that was probably wrong of me. Maybe you meant flash?

    It saves on the device locally.

    cpp: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\<COMPANY>\<TITLE>

    flash: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\<something random CPCTMVSV>\localhost\Users\<USER>\<path\to\project>\export\flash\bin\HelloWorld.swf

    I'm not sure about html5, I guess it's a cookie.

  • @3dmasons

    I guess you're targeting html5 since you can't find it with search. if you want to delete it, you can clear your cache, or use save.erase() in code. I have no idea where it is though :P

  • Yep, for HTML5, and it indeed is saved as a cookie. Thanks for your help.

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