Having trouble getting HelloWorld to run on ARMv7

  • I have an ARMv7 device running Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS. I followed the installation instructions given here, which seemed to work fine. Then I created the HelloWorld app given here. When I run lime test html5 I get the following errors:

    > lime test html5
    Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeCFFI.hx line 609
    Called from lime/system/CFFI.hx line 172
    Called from lime/system/CFFI.hx line 306
    Uncaught exception - Could not find NekoAPI interface.
    Called from ? line 1
    Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 1895
    Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 22
    Called from a C function
    Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 126
    Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 641
    Called from lime/tools/PlatformTarget.hx line 98
    Called from HTML5Platform.hx line 345
    Called from lime/tools/IconHelper.hx line 66
    Called from lime/tools/IconHelper.hx line 360
    Called from lime/tools/ImageHelper.hx line 117
    Called from lime/graphics/Image.hx line 697
    Called from lime/graphics/Image.hx line 1627
    Called from a C function
    Called from /usr/share/haxe/std/neko/Lib.hx line 42
    Uncaught exception - load.c(237) : Failed to load library : lime.ndll (lime.ndll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

    There seem to be two error messages listed, Could not find NekoAPI interface and Failed to load library : lime.ndll. I do know that lime.ndll does exist, in several places:

    > find / -name lime.ndll

    There is one for Linux, which I assume is the one it's trying to use. Any ideas about this error or the other one about NekoAPI?

    I read this post, which gives the exact NekoAPI error that I'm seeing but their problem was that they didn't have lime installed and I do so it didn't fix it for me.

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