Skipping splash screen crashes the game during startup.

  • My main class

    import flixel.FlxGame;
    import openfl.display.Sprite;
    class Main extends Sprite {
    	public function new() {
    		addChild(new FlxGame(0, 0, PlayState, 1, 60, 60, true, false));

    running lime test neko or lime test windows leads to this error during startup

    Called from ? line 1
    Called from ApplicationMain.hx line 25
    Called from ApplicationMain.hx line 130
    Called from lime/app/Application.hx line 150
    Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeApplication.hx line 146
    Called from a C function
    Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeApplication.hx line 370
    Called from lime/_internal/macros/EventMacro.hx line 91
    Called from openfl/display/Stage.hx line 1890
    Called from openfl/display/Stage.hx line 1174
    Called from openfl/display/Stage.hx line 1440
    Called from openfl/display/Stage.hx line 1170
    Called from openfl/display/DisplayObject.hx line 1418
    Called from a C function
    Called from openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 402
    Called from flixel/FlxGame.hx line 558
    Called from flixel/FlxGame.hx line 870
    Called from flixel/FlxCamera.hx line 664
    Called from flixel/graphics/tile/FlxDrawQuadsItem.hx line 119
    Uncaught exception - Invalid field access : bitmap

    running lime test html5 gives me this in the console (canvas is blank)

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bitmap' of null
        at flixel_graphics_tile_FlxDrawQuadsItem.render (HelloWorld.js:19517)
        at flixel_FlxCamera.render (HelloWorld.js:7648)
        at flixel_FlxGame.draw (HelloWorld.js:11075)
        at flixel_FlxGame.onEnterFrame (HelloWorld.js:10903)
        at openfl_display_Stage.__dispatchEvent (HelloWorld.js:1180)
        at openfl_display_Stage.__dispatch (HelloWorld.js:2016)
        at openfl_display_Stage.__broadcastEvent (HelloWorld.js:104739)
        at openfl_display_Stage.__onLimeRender (HelloWorld.js:105716)
        at lime_app__$Event_$lime_$graphics_$RenderContext_$Void.dispatch (HelloWorld.js:60256)
        at lime__$internal_backend_html5_HTML5Application.handleApplicationEvent (HelloWorld.js:352)

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Did anyone have this issue?

  • I've managed to fix it by running my PowerShell and VSCode as administrator.

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