Willy and Mathilda's Houseboat Adventure: The Game (Win/Linux, released 1.0!)

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm "nervouscited" to make available an early paid preview version of #mathildagame, developed with HaxeFlixel!

    You can find it with the itch.io app or at https://ibwwg.itch.io/mathildagame ...have fun!

    Made with love from

  • A few updates later, Beta 10 is out! Also, the early access version is on sale (90% off!) only for a few more days! :)

  • OK, the whole thing is now PWYW without a minimum, so please try it out!

    I managed to build the game for Linux last night, with very few changes! Which means there's probably a bug or two at runtime. :) If you have Linux please give it a go and let us know!


    It comes in two flavours. You probably want the normal one unless you have a very old video card like our netbook does, in which case you probably want the "opengl 1.4 compatible", software-only one.

  • As of this evening I have a 64-bit install of Linux going, so for anyone who was waiting for that, the download is now available on itch!

    Also, version 0.2.4 (the 14th beta) is on there, as well as a (Windows-only) "bleeding edge" channel if you want to help test stuff that's not in the official beta releases yet.

  • An update, we went gold this week! Give the completed game a go. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. :)

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