Pasting into input text in HTML5 target

  • Hi all,

    Looking here :
    Re: Copy/Pasting strings to/from clipboard on HTML5 target

    And trying to implement I have no success in get data from the clipboard into an FlxInputText.

    As the post is quite old, has anybody some hints / piece of code to share ?


  • Ok after loosing hairs with openfl or lime api and being unsuccesfull.
    Here is a pure html5 workaround (for some that would stumble upon this post)

    // some were in your state initialisation
    var myInput = new FlxUIInputText();
    #if js
    //import js.Browser;
    //import js.html.Clipboard;
    //import js.html.ClipboardEvent;
    Browser.document.addEventListener("copy", onCopy);
    Browser.document.addEventListener("paste", onPaste);
    #elseif flash
    //Use Clipboard.generalClipboard
    add( myInput );

    then the listeners

    function onPaste(e: ClipboardEvent):Void 
        myInput.text = e.clipboardData.getData("text/plain");
    function onCopy(e: ClipboardEvent):Void 

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