Noob planning to develop a game

  • Hello!

    I have no coding skills, no programming experience. I come from a healthcare background. I also have some artistic talent. But I'm not totally computer stupid (although compared to the majority of you guys, this will be questionable).

    My question: is it possible for me to develop a game using haxeflixel? I plan to learn while I create. I don't have the need for complex animations, no physics simulation will be needed. Think of a game with a complexity similar to Papers please.

    I've thought about using some engine with drag and drop capabilities, like GDevelop, but I'm afraid that this kind of engine will not give me the customization options that I have in mind.

    I'm being too ambitious? Can I find quality tutorials/manuals online?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Even I found different websites related to games and programming skills, we can get help through online also. we need to search related websites which are useful for our career and education.


  • I recomend start with the tutorial of haxeflixel:

    And have the demos and Snipets, at hand. In the case of HaxeFlixel the better material is in the page itself.

    Check it's similar to steam but more oriented to developers, the forums of there(and this one to)
    And try make small demos that you can use as reference(the work of other is useful but ever is more fast work with you own logic) for example a sprite that move of a place to another. or taking paper please, make a sprite do something like change color at being click.

    I recoment divide the thing you want to do in the smaller part posible program that and from it add the rest one by one. Programation is much of experience the better way to learn it is test and error(and you gonna do it much anyway). And Try to define the most posible what you gonna do before start to program(is not something that easy as it sound)

    Note: I don't recomend you use Haxe develop eviroment, currently have error(derivated of flash developer) in the appman that is use to easy download the templates of haxeflixel, the only way to fix it is seaching and edit a file from the program resources.

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