Schrödinger's variable, need help

  • trace(d.dispellable + ' check 1');
    if (d.dispellable == true) trace(d.dispellable + ' check 2');
    trace(d.dispellable + ' check 3');

    How is it possible for check 1 and 3 to consistently print true while check 2 never triggers? There's no multi-threading involved, and the variable is modified literally nowhere besides on it's first creation. I'm so confused.

    For further clarification, anywhere dispellable is checked, it never comes out as true. It's declared as a Null<Bool>, and it's true/false status is correctly applied on creation.

  • So apparently it's possible with an older version of hxcpp. Updating from hxcpp 4.0.19 to hxcpp 4.0.52 and now it works fine. I now begin the process of healing my shattered mind.

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