How to install SpineHaxe

  • Hey there,

    I'm trying to get a test project working using Spine. However I've ran into an issue.

    Currently the Flixel Addons include a spinehx, but the Spine example references spinehaxe. So when I try to run the demo I get an error "Error: Could not find haxelib "spinehaxe", does it need to be installed?"

    I tried updating Filxel Tools which didn't help. I found this "haxelib install spinehx 0.2.0" which also refernces the old file. So I tried things like "haxelib install spinehaxe" but this gives a no such project error.

    I tried downloading the spineHaxe project of github and placing it in my flixel addons folder, but I still get the error that spinehaxe needs to be installed.

    Anyone know how to fix this?


  • It's haxelib install spinehx

  • No, because this installs spineHx. I Need spineHaxe, or at least, that's what the current version of the spine demo shows

    haxelib install spinehx returns a message that spinehx is already installed. But the spine demo is looking for spinehaxe

    here's the change in the demo

  • Can you compile the spine demo with your current setup? If so could you send me your haxelib list

  • Seems like you need to install spinehaxe from this GitHub project instead

  • Yes I thought so.

    I guess my question really is, how do I install that github project. I tried googling for help, but no luck.

    Also, since the Spine example is part of the official demos. Shouldn't this just work out of the box?

  • How to install the haxelib manually:

    • Create a folder named spinehaxe in your haxelib folder
    • Create another folder with the name of the version in spinehaxe folder. In this case 0,2,0. Note the separating commas.
    • Extract the content of the Zip file (the content inside spinehaxe-master folder inside the Zip file)
    • Create a file named .current (in spinehaxe folder, outside of 0,2,0 folder) containing the version name with separating dots 0.2.0
    • Put on sunglass :sunglasses:

  • Thanks a lot buddy, works like a charm :)

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    That's not really how you're supposed to do it. You could just have run haxelib git spinehaxe

  • Good to know. I've told my way to many people, I guess and no one shows me that way :P

  • Good to know the official way of doing it. Got it working without any problems using git cmd.


  • This post is deleted!

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