Multiplayer board games project.

  • Play board games against other players online. You can also play some games against the computer. Currently the online games are checkers, chess, reversi, snakes and ladders, and a signature game similar to monopoly. The theme of the site is playing board games on an 8 by 8 grid. Players try to climb up a hall of fame position.

    Image from the client.

    Made using the libraries of Haxeflixel, flxscrollablearea and MPHX.


    Play multiplayer games over TPC/IP.
    You can play all those games against players online. You are able to host a game. Your hosted game will be advertised at the lobby. The other player that would like to play a game will see your game information. After that player clicks the button beside your game information that player will enter your waiting room then you are able to kick or ban that player.

    If you ban a player then that player cannot enter your waiting room until you recreate a game to host. You can kick a player for 15 minutes, so that player will not be able to join your waiting room until that time expires.

    If you want to play a game with online players then you will need a forum account. By registering at this forum, you will automatically be registered for online play at the client. An email address is needed. Its good practice to write your password on paper and keep that paper somewhere safe.

    At the right side panel of the client, some games have what I call a dice rotator. Basically its a wheel that has the number 1 to 6 on it. If the player clicks that wheel while the 3 is highlighted then that player will move 3 units forward.

    Using the history button you can review a game that was just played. After the game has ended, some games will display the history buttons. From left to right, the four buttons are, go back to the beginning of the game, go back one turn, go forward one turn and go to the last move of the game.


    That dice rotator operates faster in full screen mode than regular window mode. So to slow the display of the next number on that wheel, a player would leave full screen mode. Therefore, full screen is forced. A player will not be able to leave full screen mode unless normally exiting the game. Everyone will have that wheel operating at the same frame rate.

    snakes and ladders

    If window mode was enabled, then a player might have the idea to click the "x" at the top-right corner of the client, so to leave that game hoping that a lose will not be recorded to statistics. Be enabling full screen mode and forcing only that display a player will not be able to cheat. If somehow that player bypasses full screen and leaves the game by clicking the "x" or ending task, the server will notice that the player is not there and a disconnect event will be triggered for that player. A loss will be recorded for that player if that player was still playing a game and a message of that event will be sent to all other players within that game room.

  • There has been a major change to the game since I last posted here. The feature is called house. After you play a board game on a house event day, you will receive house coins. Those coins are used to buy furniture. The house is an isometric side game.

    You can position a furniture item anywhere on the map, rotate it in four angles (nw, ne, se and sw) and change the z-order of it. You are able to place a furniture item behind or in front of a wall, door or window (foundation). Depending where you position a foundation on the map, that NW, SE foundation will automatically either be displayed in front or behind a NE or SW foundation.

    House feature

    If someone is having difficulties with a feature such as automatic wall z-order then just post here and I will provide that code.

    You are able to scroll the map by hovering the mouse at a scene region. You are able to save the layout of the house. The house is loaded automatically at next client software load when you enter the lobby.

    The house feature is similar to the game sims where you can buy and arrange furniture but lacks a NPC that moves around the room. I am currently out of ideas about addons to the house feature. If anyone has an idea about addons then please post at the website forum.

    A minor change to the game is you are able to now play chess/signature game online against the computer. Lobby 1 and 2 are reserved for computer play and those rooms will always be available to you.

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