Minicology - A microplanet space-farming survival game with an ecological bent

  • Hey y'all,

    Been working on this one for a little while and figured it was about time to show it off.

    Minicology is a survival game that takes place on a tiny planet with a real-time simulated ecosystem. As players farm food to survive and develop technology in an attempt to fix their crashed spaceship, they must also work to prevent an ecological collapse that would leave the planet uninhabitable. Players must manage choices like whether or not to quickly industrialize and attempt to get off of the planet before it dies, or to attempt to build using more complicated and sustainable practices in order to advance slowly and steadily through the game. Any choice has costs and benefits, both to the player's playstyle or to the ecology surrounding them.

    The opening scene (tutorial text is WIP)

    Along the way, they must also clear the planet of several boss-like Apex predators that prevent them from accessing certain areas and resources, as well as fighting extraterrestrial threats like giant space-sharks.

    Unlocking the ocean area requires fighting an extraterrestrial snail

    I'm not much of an artist, but I really do prefer to put together my own art, so i've gone for a sorta flat and cartoony theme.

    Right now, the game runs in both html5 and windows with pretty good performance.

    I was a long-time user of haxepunk, and this is my first project in HaxeFlixel. Have to say, it's been a lot easier to set things up, especially things like the ease of camera and sprite rotation (since the worldmap is circular, the camera follows and rotates around it, just like all of the gameworld objects). I had to overcome some issues, like HaxeFlixel's lack of support for accurate mouse positions on rotated screens, but overall, it's been really pleasant to develop with this engine.

    Some more screenshots:
    Cloud islands!
    Relaxing in a tree

    Some features of minicology:

    • Semi-Random world generation
    • Ecological catastrophes like insect plagues, global warming, and habitat loss
    • Multiple playstyles, from food-forest builds to industrialized agriculture
    • Plants with unique growth, blooming, fruiting, and harvesting dynamics

    I've been trying to build a game which acknowledges the difficulties of sustainable life, while still reinforcing the consequences of unsustainable practices.

    If ya got any questions, I'd love to chat!

  • Love the artstyle. Looking forward to trying a demo of this when it's released.

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