@aik It works great if you use webgl like "lime test html5 -Dwebgl"

Otherwise it's slow and dirty

That said, the gamepads don't seem to work... Also, in the non working with webgl category (for flixel 4.3.0) you have the stuffs like changing sprite's color, the red turns blue, the blue turns green, colors are wrong basically, and this http://api.haxeflixel.com/flixel/addons/display/FlxTiledSprite.html doesn't work

The rest does, as far as I can tell, and sound doesn't seem super fast, but I haven't fully tested yet so maybe I'm wrong on this one

Phaser definitely have those things working, but then depending on the version some stuffs might be broken, like anchors on sprites for instance

Edit: And I just realized I'm replying to a year old post