(First of all, as a side note: I'm an idiot that didn't realize the "my sound playing one time" was actually the bleep the debugger makes when it throws up an error...woops.)

I looked at your README, @galoyo, and that actually completely solved my problem. I hadn't found mention about setting the asset paths in the Project.xml until now and yours was quite enlightening, and actually makes sense why my sound wasn't playing and the error it was throwing in the debugger!

To be more explicit for the sake of including everything here for posterity, I had to define my sounds in Project.xml like so:

<assets path="assets" if="flash" exclude="*.ogg" /> <assets path="assets" if="windows" exclude="*.mp3" embed="true" /> <assets path="assets" if="neko" exclude="*.mp3" embed="true" /> <assets path="assets" if="linux" exclude="*.mp3" embed="true" /> <assets path="assets" if="html5" exclude="*.mp3" embed="true" /> <assets path="assets/sounds" rename="sounds" if="flash" embed="true"> <sound path="mySound.mp3" id="mySound" /> <sound path="myOtherSound.mp3" id="mySound2" /> </assets> <assets path="assets/sounds" rename="sounds" unless="flash" embed="true"> <sound path="mySound.ogg" id="mySound" /> <sound path="myOtherSound.ogg" id="myOtherSound" /> </assets>

Then, I called the sounds in my code like so:

FlxG.sound.play("mySound", 1, false); FlxG.sound.play("myOtherSound", 1, false);

And that's all there is to it! Since I'm on Linux, I could simply use ffmpeg to convert my original sound files, such as wav files, to the appropriate mp3 and ogg formats like so:

ffmpeg -i mySound.wav mySound.mp3 ffmpeg -i mySound.wav mySound.ogg

Thanks again to both of you for helping me!