There has been a major change to the game since I last posted here. The feature is called house. After you play a board game on a house event day, you will receive house coins. Those coins are used to buy furniture. The house is an isometric side game.

You can position a furniture item anywhere on the map, rotate it in four angles (nw, ne, se and sw) and change the z-order of it. You are able to place a furniture item behind or in front of a wall, door or window (foundation). Depending where you position a foundation on the map, that NW, SE foundation will automatically either be displayed in front or behind a NE or SW foundation.

If someone is having difficulties with a feature such as automatic wall z-order then just post here and I will provide that code.

You are able to scroll the map by hovering the mouse at a scene region. You are able to save the layout of the house. The house is loaded automatically at next client software load when you enter the lobby.

The house feature is similar to the game sims where you can buy and arrange furniture but lacks a NPC that moves around the room. I am currently out of ideas about addons to the house feature. If anyone has an idea about addons then please post at the website forum.

A minor change to the game is you are able to now play chess/signature game online against the computer. Lobby 1 and 2 are reserved for computer play and those rooms will always be available to you.