@jul2000 So I ended up hacking my way out of this in an absolutely fucken horrible way, but now I get gamepads inputs working with html5 build, completely messed up inputs when it comes to buttons, but the directional pad and stick work as expected

It came from lime 2.9.1

So I basically went to haxelib/lime/2.9.1/lime/_backend/html5/HTML5Application.hx and added

cache.isGamepad = true;

right after

if (data.mapping == "standard") { cache.isGamepad = true; }

on line 394

Now I need to hack my ingame gamepad controls specifically for html5 target and I'm not even sure the buttons will somehow get detected or if that will be even remotely consitent with different gamepads


Edit: In order to make it work properly (buttons) I have to change model from LOGITECH to XINPUT

if (FlxG.gamepads.lastActive != null){ FlxG.gamepads.lastActive.model = FlxGamepadModel.createByName("XINPUT"); }

Edit: Sad