Hey @Claudio-Ficara You deserve all of the shoutouts possible, Thank you so much on all of the insanely nice feedback! The ui is by no credit of myself I had an amazing team of two Designers work day and night in Sketch to be able to make it look so great, I just was able to implement in haxeflixel which was a challenge in of itself but I see full potential in haxeflixel being used for more than just a game engine and I would love to be the person to prove that :D.

designer interface for app which is then uploaded to invision and seen by me in which I implement it into the app

In reply to the Down scaling, Yes almost all of the assets in the app have been brought in at 4x and scaled down automatically with custom functions in order to fit properly in the gui/ui. Though the image I put in the dev log is from neko so it looks way worse than the actual android version ( I have updated the image to an android screenshot of the app login screen now so take a look at the difference) though I am still having problems with ios which is where the real issues come into play I have tried antialiasing with both antialiasing="4" in project xml as well as FlxG.camera.antialiasing = true; and FlxG.stage.quality = flash.display.StageQuality.BEST; if that counts. ios is blurry so I've been on a hunt for the past week to find a fix. So if you have any more tips with Antialiasing I'd extremely appreciate any support because I'm stumped haha.

Also I totally agree with the haxeflixel community extremely benefiting from devs being able to share code and other tricks, you inspired me to do so and I'd love to continue the trend!

Speaking of code sharing, I played the demo for your game and I absolutely loved it had a great time with me and my brother. But I noticed that everything was so beautiful and looked so great except for the FlxText in the game. You may be transitioning to full bitmap text which would fix the issue but if you would like a solution for crisp FlxText as well as any other devs I wrote a premade function to scale up text and size it down in order for the text to not be pixelated for ThinQbator but it could apply to any other haxeflixel application/game :)

Normal Text

Custom ThinQbator FlxText

here is the code:

public static function createText(?textString:String = "", ?x:Int = 0, ?y:Int = 0, ?size:Int = 24, ?color:FlxColor = FlxColor.WHITE,?align:FlxTextAlign=LEFT,FieldWidth:Int=0):FlxText { var text = new FlxText(0,0); text.setFormat("assets/data/proximanova-regular-webfont.ttf", size * 2, color, align); //scale down text.scale.set(0.5, 0.5); text.updateHitbox(); text.antialiasing = true; text.fieldWidth = FieldWidth * 2; text.text = textString; text.setPosition(x - text.width / 4, y - text.textField.textHeight / 4); //add to state FlxG.state.add(text); return text; }

And if anyone wants to check my demo results for the image here is the create function

override public function create():Void { super.create(); var text = createText("Hello HaxeFlixel!"); text.screenCenter(); var text2 = new FlxText(); text2.text = "Hello HaxeFlixel!"; text2.setFormat("assets/data/proximanova-regular-webfont.ttf", 24); text2.screenCenter(); add(text2); }