Hey Guys the Dev Log has hit 1,000 views! that's incredible thank you so much for your continued support on reading.

So Right after publishing my iOS cheat sheet luck came through and we got verfied by apple for TestFlight beta testing so that's great news for us :D

I want to give just a little news feed for this app's timeline integrated with news on openfl and haxeflixel.

Currently still waiting to get another status update on the dev version of haxeflixel that will be compatible for openfl 6 The app has a very tight nit beta testing group but with a massive list of things to do already we won't be pushing out an open beta until those things are done so expect some more time. For the app being social media focused our team is looking for a good way to implement remote push notifications for mobile( IOS and android) that can integrate with our openfl-networking servers. Our app uses bazzisoft's openfl native text for mobile which currently supports only single line text but I was able to add multiline text support for android but not for iOS which is a bummer so currently looking for a solution. Issues with finding a good way to open up the camera take a picture and grab the bitmap data for both iOS and Android Wanted to try to move to next support but had this issue

Oh and new work in progress Ui by Scotty, Super Exciting!